Vision, Mission, Attributes, and Principles


The Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Hawaii will foster strong bonds of brotherhood amongst its membership that transcends our individual differences through the teaching fulfilment of Masonic principles and traditions that promote friendship, morality and brotherly love. To support the Oahu community through various programs aimed at benevolence, youth mentorship, and scholarship.


To make the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Hawaii the most distinguished jurisdiction in Freemasonry by developing a team of leaders and skilled stewards through education, development, and mentorship that will facilitate strong relationships in our communities.


Five Iís and 3 Rís:† Initiative, Innovation, Influence, Impact, and Integrity all have different definitions, but collectively they can build great teams.† Each of us is represented by, if not one, all of these words, and collectively we can make a difference to those around us directly or indirectly.† In order to achieve this, we must always be Ready and willing to do the right thing and contribute to growth and Respect one another, and take Responsibility for our actions.


Community-centric: build experiences worth sharing through selfless service and generosity; uphold the laws, rules, and values of Freemasonry and operate with integrity of purpose both administratively and ritualistically; confirm to codified operating procedures which best serves the whole of the body.

Committed: We are a Brotherhood first therefore we must embody the ideals of Masonry, through accountable and transparency. That our actions represent the fraternity in the most positive light.†

Charitable: We give of ourselves for the benefit of the fraternity; pool our resources, share our talents to make a positive impact on our Prince Hall Affiliated Masonic family and the community in which we live.

Chivalrous:† That we demonstrate the virtues of faith, hope, charity honor, courtesy, integrity and loyalty.